1. artdenoe:

    The RZA by Art de Noé


  2. iamrusso:

    someone signal the wu….

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  4. outofcontextdnd:

    DM: Wererats, much like the Wu-Tang Clan, ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

  6. starwars:

    Throwback Thursday - Before they even took their first steps.

  8. defmodeusa:

    BLADE RUNNER (1982)

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  9. Anonymous said: Actual thought? Actual girl?

    sure, why not


  10. The new league of legends cinematic was pretty rad except for the fact that Kat did nothing but run around the whole time, Draven was killed in two seconds without doing anything, and the ending was an absolute deus ex machina.


  11. *can’t tell if she’s actually cute or I’m attracted to her because she’s half naked*

  12. man-of-prose:

    Through a Glass Darkly, Ingmar Bergman

  14. quintendo64:

    Cleveland Ohio - A Christmas Story House