1. tia-todd:


    Imagine getting a detailed handsewn plushie of your favorite character in the mail one day from a mysterious sender, and whenever you’re in danger or distress the plushie turns into a flesh-and-blood version of your character to protect and comfort you

    *raises hand* does being unbearably horny count as danger


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  3. debilitati0n:



    You would think that teenagers would be the rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 


    The elderly are either adorable or the wrinkly reincarnation of Satan there is no in between

    Actually in my experience, it’s the entitled middle aged white women that are the worst.

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  4. Я вышел, чтобы хорошо провести время, и я честно чувствую себя так напали прямо сейчас.

  7. supersmashthestatebros:

    no Santa, they’re not gifts, they’re jifts.

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  8. ipokemonmemes:

    What a fucking cockblock

    Never forget

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  9. iguanamouth:



    together at last

    excuse me i have something important 2 add



    hes here

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  10. You ever get so much caffeine your eyes have a hard time focusing?


  11. New Mad Max looks rad but it looks like it has the same plot as the second one.


  12. oldrockstars:

    dont u hate it when u have a romantic dream about someone who u never thought about in a romantic way and then u wake up and have some weird crush on them like wtf subconscious why u gotta do this to me

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  13. I don’t get how cussing someone out on facebook gives you any sort of authority to tell people to reflect on their choices…?

    Like for real though, you just look foolish. 

  14. allrecipes:

    "These were a huge hit with the family. I didn’t marinate and they didn’t need it. Just brushed with marinade while they browned."—Kimberly 

    Get the recipe for Skewered Grilled Potatoes: http://bit.ly/X4vasU 

    Pin it: http://bit.ly/1rL1Jcf 



  15. bombing:

    i don’t care if you think it’s “improper first date attire” this suit of armor is enchanted and i’m wearing it

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