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    th33grimweaver replied to your post “.”

    wow cool you can smoke then or you could smoke right now iF YOU’RE NOT A NERD


    Knew you were a nerd


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    Never trust a man who howls at you like a wolf

    without treating you like the moon.

    Occasionally call it pretty but generally forget that it’s even there?

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  6. there and back again

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  7. Watchin Big Trouble in Little China so you could say I’m pretty excited


  8. "The sword had penetrated his chest and with the little strength he had left he began to cough blood up from his lungs, his hands moving from his wound towards her, trembling he grasped her golden hair, staining it with his fingers. She kissed him with deep, unconstrained passion; her lips were instantly smeared with the crimson that now poured from his own."
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    *introduces themself as a vegan and not by their name*

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  11. There I was, innocently playing fallout, when suddenly it was 2:36 in the morning…

  13. Zuko + Agni Kai

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    i’ve been waiting for this photoset for years

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